Why did Spotify log me out? Quick Fix!

You have just got back home after an exhausting day of work in the office. You put all your bags down and head straight for the shower as soon as you walk through the door. While you are waiting for the water to heat up, you open Spotify to turn on your favourite shower playlist but… SPOTIFY HAS LOGGED YOU OUT. This is not the inconvenience you need right now so you are asking yourself, why did my Spotify log me out and what can you do to fix it? 

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms. It is the perfect place to explore any magnificent musical world with millions of songs. You are probably here because you rely on Spotify to be your primary source of entertainment. 

Why has Spotify logged me out?


You are logged in on multiple devices 

If you reset your Spotify password on one device or Spotify log out everywhere, it is possible that all your other accounts have their Spotify logged out on each separate device. Spotify does this as a security measure to ensure that your account is not being misused. 

Your account has been hacked 

If your account has been hacked, Spotify will send you a notification email. In this email, they will ask you to confirm a password change so that you can be logged back into your account. 

There have been issues with your payment 

This can happen if your premium subscription has expired if you have not paid for it to be renewed. If you have yet to cancel your paid subscription your Spotify logged out if the payment has been rejected. 

The Spotify servers are down

If you know your problem has nothing to do with any of the causes mentioned above, but Spotify has still logged you out then the problem might be with the service as a whole. It is possible the platform is down and they are experiencing issues with their servers. In this case, you can find updates on the situation on social media platforms such as the Spotify Status Twitter account or any other reliable source. 

What can you do to fix it?

Sign out of all your devices


If you have multiple devices logged into Spotify on the same account, it is possible that someone is using the app on another device which is causing log-in issues. This is why your Spotify randomly signed out.

Delete any third-party apps


If you have given any third-party apps access to your Spotify account for additional features, this could cause Spotify to log you out. So, you can try and reset your Spotify by deleting these apps or revoking their access to Spotify. Once you have done this, restart your app and see if it allows you to log in and stays logged in.   

Reset your Spotify password 

In the event that your account is being used by someone else or it has been hacked, your password could no longer be secure. So, if you reset your account password it could prevent someone else from trying to use your account. 

Clear Spotify’s cache 

Cache refers to the temporary files any app stores on your devices to shorten loading times and use bandwidth more efficiently. However, if accumulated over a long time the app’s cache can cause functional problems. In this case, it could cause you to be logged out of your account. To counteract this, clear your app cache regularly in your phone’s settings.                                                  


Spotify is excellent at giving you an immersive listening experience with its wide range of songs to choose from and the additional features such as group playlists which are available on the app. However, many listeners experience some consistent issues such as Spotify logging people out of their accounts, so this is not a new problem. Hopefully, these tips will help you curate an even better in-app experience. No more wondering, “why was I randomly logged out of Spotify?”

Written by Panashe

I'm Panashe Hwata - a computer science student with an unabashed love for technology and captivating audio. As the owner of this blog, I'm thrilled to share my passion for exploring the world of premium sound and cutting-edge tech with all of you. Join me on this exhilarating journey as we dive into the captivating world of audio excellence