How To Wear Headphones With Glasses (7 Tips & Tricks)


Wearing glasses with headphones or vice versa can be quite a pain if you’re making use of them over prolonged periods. This is especially true if your headphones deem uncomfortable, are overly large, or if there’s pressure on your earlobes and temples.  

Discomfort, headaches, and frustration are a few possible consequences of wearing headphones with glasses. However, there are ways for us to mitigate these issues and be able to listen to your favorite tunes comfortably.

From over-ear, open-back headphones with glasses to adjusting the clamp, plenty of options are available on how to wear headphones comfortably with glasses. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at tips on how to wear headphones and glasses in a comfortable way to make your experience an enjoyable one. 

Types of Discomfort Using Glasses and Headphones 

Firstly, we want to understand the different discomforts associated with wearing glasses with headphones. These issues may include: 

  • Sore ear cartilage or auricular chondritis. This is caused by the prolonged pressure of wearing glasses and headphones together. 
  • The prolonged pressure on the temporal bone may cause headaches.
  • Overall pain and discomfort may be from the design of the glasses you wear or the type of headphones. 

How to Wear Glasses with Headphones

So far, we’ve discussed the types of causes and the discomfort we feel while wearing headphones and glasses together. So, now let’s take a look at some methods of how to wear glasses with headsets. 

1. Invest in Glasses with Thinner Frames


Wearing headphones generally deem more comfortable with thinner-framed glasses over thicker ones. Moreover, thinner frames lessen the pressure compared to thicker or bulkier ones. In turn, slimmer frames can reduce the pressure experienced on the temporal bone and ear cartilage. 

Although this solution may not be the most convenient one for those unwilling to buy a new pair of glasses. However, if you’re a heavy bass headphone user or generally wear your headphones for prolonged periods, or you’re simply planning to purchase a pair of glasses in the future, then this is a good option. So, just remember, the thinner the frames, the better!

2. Choose the Best Headphones for Glasses Wearers

Best Headphones for Glasses Wearers

If you’re really serious about avoiding headphone headaches when wearing glasses, you should try to find yourself a pair of headphones specifically for bespectacled users. 

These glasses should be easy to wear for long periods of time. Bespectacled glasses and headphones should sound as good as they feel. Moreover, they should be easy to use and not consist of tangling wires that get wrapped around your frames. Getting high-quality wireless headphones is an excellent option for those that wear glasses. 

Moreover, if you’re really on a serious mission to get comfortable, why not get rid of your glasses frames altogether? Investing in a pair of VR Frames, you would no longer feel the pressure caused by your frames with headphones. 

3. Choose Over-Ear Headphones


As previously said, over-ear headphones for glasses are far more comfortable than on-ear headphones, especially for bespectacled users.

Over-ear headphones enclose around the ears instead of pressing directly against the ears. Therefore, it would reduce the pressure exerted onto the temporal bone and ear cartilage, making it a more comfortable fit and an overall more enjoyable experience.

4. Choose Headphones with Softer Material


While it may seem like all headphones are made with soft, comfortable material, this is not really the case. When you’re investing in a good pair of headphones, make sure it provides soft padding around the ear. 

If it has a leather fabric or pleather material, it may look fantastic, but it could cause discomfort if you wear glasses. These fabric ear cushions are often harder in terms of cushioning around the ear than soft velour or foam. 

If you use glasses with headsets, you should look for headphones with padding that has:

These materials often have a cushion-type effect and are far more comfortable for people who wear glasses. Fabric headsets are also popular in sports, and you can find a good pair in a sports shop. You can also find a good set in a gaming store as gamers tend to use headsets for prolonged periods and need a super soft, comfortable pair. 

Look for padding that’s thick with mesh fabric. Avoid leather headsets as they can cause long-term discomfort. 

5. Adjust or Loosen Your Headset


You will be hard-pressed to find headsets for glasses. Thankfully, there are a few other ways to find out how to wear a headset with glasses instead of going out to purchase a new pair. 

One way on how to make headphones more comfortable with glasses is by adjusting your headphones to reduce clamping pressure. If there is a lot of pressure on your head, then you can adjust the band or stretch them out. 

You can pile up some books and arrange them side by side until they appear to be a similar width to your head. Place these headphones over your devised stretcher. After a couple of days, you’ll begin to notice them feeling a little more comfortable. 

However, be wary not to overstretch or break your headphones. In a nutshell, begin with a tiny stack of books and gradually enlarge it. 

You can also bend the metal bands of your headphones with your hand if they have them. Again, be careful not to overstretch them.

6. Reposition Your Headset 

If the solutions above don’t seem to be working for you and you’re still experiencing headphone pain when wearing glasses, the next thing to consider is adjusting the position. 

Adjusting the position of your headset on your head. Do so that the earpiece cushions aren’t rested upon your ears, as you would usually do, which should relieve some pressure. This makes it much easier for headsets with large earpieces. 

So, try changing the position of your headphones by moving them upwards or forwards a little until you find a more comfortable fit.  

7. Use a Piece of Tissue Paper

If your glasses’ temples press into your head when you’re wearing headphones, an unconventional solution is to slide a piece of tissue paper between your frame and head. It may not be the best look fashion-wise, especially if you’re in public, but it certainly works. 

You can take two pieces of tissue paper and fold them to the smallest possible size. Put each piece on the temple of your head where your glasses will sit. This will act as a buffer and alleviate any pressure. 

A Footnote on Wearing Headphones with Glasses

Choosing the best headphone style for glasses can be tough because there just aren’t many headphones made for people who wear glasses. Some bespectacled people avoid using these devices altogether because they experience discomfort, headaches, and even pain. Thanks to poor fitting earcups, cushioning that’s too stiff, and headbands on headphones that hurt the top of your head. 

The truth here is that there are some headphones that you can enjoy wearing, all while listening to your favorite tunes. They provide the perfect balance between sound quality, comfort, and utility. Have you tried and tested any method of wearing headphones for people with glasses? 

If you’ve succeeded or had a great pair of headphones for glasses wearers that you’d recommend, then please share; we’d love to know. 

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