How to use two headphones on PC or Mac | 4 Different Ways

Everything is better when you are doing it with someone else. Whether that is watching a movie, youtube, or listening to music. It is always an exciting experience sharing a song or show that you like with someone else. 

However, if you are in a public space or if you simply prefer better sound quality you might want to use two good headphones simultaneously on a PC or Mac. Using two headphones simultaneously on one device is not always a simple or straightforward process. 

These days very few macs and PCs have two headphone jacks. This is simply due to the fact that: as laptop and PC technology advances and more emphasis is placed on a sleek and lightweight design some elements are bound to become obsolete. Such as the need for two headphone jacks which would make the process of connecting two headphones to one PC so much easier. 

Luckily, there are a few ways on how to use two headphones on pc while listening from one device. These depend on whether you are using wired headphones or earphones, or if you are using two Bluetooth headsets, or if you are using one of each. 

Using sound splitters (external hardware) to get two headphones to work on one PC or mac


Sound Splitters are the easiest and most straightforward solution to the problem of not being able to use two headphones on one PC or Mac. Mac sure to buy a good quality sound splitter with two headphone jacks that match the size of your headphones and transmit good quality sounds. 

Firstly plug the sound splitter into the USB port or the mini-stereo port. Then plug in your two headphones as specified with your device. This should split the sound equally between both devices. By following these steps, you can enhance your listening experience through connecting two headphones to one PC or Mac. 

Adjusting the setting on your PC or Mac to allow the connection of two headphones to one PC or mac 

By using this method, you avoid having to buy a separate device to do the job for you. It simply means that you will have to do a little bit more of the work yourself, but in the end, you will also be able to use two headphones on your PC or Mac. 

  1. Access your device’s audio settings, you would need to tweak them to be able to use two headphones without a splitter or audio mixer. 

This can be done by opening the Control panel if you are using a PC or Windows device or by opening system preferences if you are using a Macbook. 

  1. Go to the hardware and sound panel. 
  2. Click on the sound option. 
  3. Click the tab labeled ‘recording’. 
  4. Right-click on the stereo mix option and set it as the default device 
  5. Then go to the listen tab and choose listen to this device. 
  6. Select the headphones as the listening device. 

If you cannot find the stereo mix option, your device probably does not support the use of two headphones. 

Use a Bluetooth adapter that allows the connection of multiple Bluetooth headphones to one PC or mac


A Bluetooth adapter is a USB-based device that allows the transmission and reception of wireless Bluetooth signals. The first step is to plug it into your USB port. Secondly, follow the set-up instructions that come with the adapter. Once your PC or Mac has configured the adapter it will light up to inform you that it is now ready for you to connect your headphones. 

Here are some of the best Bluetooth adapter recommendations: 

  1. Asus BT5OO –  This adapter is the most well-rounded Bluetooth adapter. It is the best overall option in terms of audio and connection. 
  2. TP-Link UH400 –  this Bluetooth adapter is the best Bluetooth adapter to use in conjunction with a Windows device. 
  3. Kinivo BTD-400 –  this is the best multi-OS Bluetooth USB adapter. 

With a Bluetooth adapter, you can use two headphones with one mac or PC. It is especially beneficial because it allows for a longer range of connection. However, take your time before making a secondary purchase. But, once it is installed the Bluetooth adapter is one of the easiest ways to use two or more Bluetooth headphones to listen to something on the same mac or PC. 

Making use of third party audio mixer apps to control the sound for two different audio outputs to separate headphones 


Audio mixer apps allow you to use software that can manage multiple different inputs or output sounds while combining them into single or multiple audio. channels. This will detect the connection of each set of headphones and it will allow you to decide which set you want to use through the program. 

With its user-friendly design, an app like this would be an easier alternative to allow the use of two headphones on your PC or man. It will allow you to manage the sound quality individually which can definitely enhance your listening experience. 

Here are a few highly recommended audio mixing software options: 

  1. Voicemeeter – Voicemeeter is open-sourced software, meaning it is free to download from the official website. Here’s how to utilize two headphones with Voicemeeter.
  2. Adobe Audition -Adobe Audition is a digital audio editing software created by the Adobe Systems. Here’s how to utilize two headphones with Adobe Audition.
  3. Boom3D –  is an audio enhancement program that enables you to play your media content with spectacular 3D effects on any headphones and quickly connect multiple outputs.

Audio mixing software is simple to download, install and use and there are even free options which makes it a good option. Another upside is that you can individually control the sound quality and adjust the EQ. In most cases, this software only allows the use of two headphones while they are open, which could become inconvenient. 

However, if you prefer simply downloading an app in comparison to buying another device then this is definitely the option for you. 


Now you are finally able to share your favorite movies or music with friends or family while maintaining sound quality. Although using two headphones with one device is not something that seems possible or straightforward at first. You now have all the tools to do it yourself! 

Written by Panashe

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