How to stop Spotify from adding songs

You are finally going on that road trip that you have been waiting for all year. Everything is ready to go, from your suitcase to your itinerary and most importantly your road trip playlist. But as soon as you get in the car and set off, you realize that the song playing is not the song you chose! 

Who added this foreign song to your playlist? How are you going to hold them accountable for killing the mood? Lastly, how do you stop it from happening again? Playlist curation is a serious art form that many people indulge in. whichever perfect tunes you compile to accompany whatever you are doing deserve better than to be interrupted by an unwanted song. 

Spotify is the world’s number one streaming service and it is equipped with many features and millions of songs that make listening to music even more fun! However, learning how to stop Spotify from adding songs in 2022 will make your listening experience even better. 

To solve this problem we will look over:

  1. Why Spotify is adding songs to your playlist 
  2. How to stop Spotify from adding songs
  3. How to create a playlist and add songs to Spotify 

Why is Spotify adding songs to my playlist?


As you have probably seen, the Spotify algorithm is constantly working towards helping you find new songs and albums you might like. But if you are asking yourself, ‘why does Spotify keep adding songs to my playlist?’ then you’ve come to the right place. Explained below are the main reasons why this keeps happening to you: 

Spotify has a new extension feature called ‘Enhance’. When it is enabled, Enhance allows that app to randomly play songs similar to the one already on your playlist automatically without your permission. It was introduced to help Spotify users find new songs to listen to. For every two on a playlist, Spotify adds its own selected song for up to 30 songs.  

When autoplay is on, songs with the same vibe will play once the playlist has run to completion. This feature is usually on default and needs to be disabled. 

Spotify has confirmed that on the unpaid version of the app, any playlist that has 15 songs or less can automatically have songs added to it. The only way to stop this from happening is to add more songs to the playlist or to upgrade to Spotify Premium. 

It is also a possibility that someone is using your account on another device. They could be the ones responsible for the foreign songs on your playlist.

How to stop Spotify from adding songs

Here are the main ways to stop Spotify from adding songs that work for iOS and Android devices and should work on the web player version as well. 

Disable Autoplay 

how to stop spotify from adding songs- disable autoplay

This is the first way to stop Spotify from playing songs that aren’t on your playlist. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open the Spotify app. 
  2. Next to your user profile image, there should be an arrow. 
  3. Click on the arrow to open a drop-down box. 
  4. Choose the setting option from the drop-down box.
  5. In the setting search for the ‘Autoplay’ control and turn the slider off. If a slider is activated it is green and yours should now be gray. 
  6. Begin listening to your playlist in its true form exactly how you made it.

You can also set many other features such as repeating and crossfade.  

Disable Enhance feature 

  1. Open the playlist.
  2. Locate the Enhance button which should be at the top of the playlist close to the playlist button. 
  3. Press the button to disable it.  

Add more songs to your playlist 

On the free version of the app if a playlist has less than 15 songs on Spotify the ‘We Added’ section starts playing songs that Spotify has added themselves. 

If the problem links to you having less than 15 songs on your playlist you now know how to stop Spotify from adding songs to the playlist. Because you simply need to add more songs! As long as the playlist contains more than 15 songs, Spotify will no longer add its own randomly.  

Upgrade to a premium account 

This is the most surefire way to stop Spotify from adding random songs to a playlist. Changing from a free subscription to a premium subscription will be very liberating because of the lack of restraints on a premium subscription in comparison to the free one.

Specifically, on premium suggested songs are not interactive as the playlist you make yourself. Some even have their own dedicated playlists. You can also download playlists in their entirety which ensures that only the songs you have chosen are played each and every time. 

Start again 

If all of the tips and tricks mentioned above do not work, log out of your account and restart the app. Then log in again. The only thing left to try is to make a new playlist and start afresh… but make sure your new playlist has at least 15 songs!

How to create a playlist on Spotify

A playlist is simply a curated library of songs that can be played on the streaming service. Once you have created your account you are able to create as many playlists as you want for different moods and events.

Creating a playlist: 

  1. Open the Spotify app. 
  2. Click the ‘create playlist’ button on the left-hand side of the screen under the library. 
  3. Choose a suitable name for your playlist and describe what the theme or mood is. 
  4. Choose an image to accompany it.
  5. Click ‘Create’. 

Adding a new song to your playlist: 

  1. Search for the song you would like to add.
  2. Hover over the song until the three dots are visible.  
  3. Click on the three dots and select add to playlist.
  4. Select the right playlist from the options that pop up. 


Spotify provides you with an all-inclusive way to combine all of your musical adventures. However, Spotify keeps adding songs to your playlist. Hopefully after reading this, how to stop Spotify from adding songs is no longer a question. And you can listen to a playlist consisting of only the songs you like. 

Written by Panashe

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