9 Best Studio Headphones Under 100 | Monitoring, Mixing & More

Are you on the hunt to find the best studio headphones for under 100 dollars? Well, we’ve gone ahead and done the leg work in finding the creme de la creme of headphones to fit into this price range. 

From clear, crisp audio sounds to comfort and frequency response. Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for below-average gear. You can easily find a great pair of studio headphones for under $100. 

In this post, were going to take a look at the best studio headphones under 100 dollars, with a range of closed-back studio headphones dominating this price point thanks to their viability and sound leaking prevention. And other open-back headphones provide users with a more realistic, natural sound. 

Let’s take a look at the best headphones for 100 dollars and less; we’ll be looking at their reviews and top features.

Best Headphones Under 100$ Reviewed

 In a hurry? Or have a good idea of what you’re looking for? Look at this list of best studio headphones below $100 in their top categories before diving into their review; for mixing, recording, and listening to high-quality tunes.

  1. Overall Best Headphone Under 100 – Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Studio Headphone
  2. Best Over-Ear Headphones Under 100 – AKG K240 STUDIO Over-Ear Headphones 
  3. Cheap Studio Headphones Under 100 – Samson Technologies SR850 Headphones
  4. Best Headphones for Music Under 100 – LyxPro HAS-15 Studio Headphones
  5. Best Audiophile Headphones Under 100 – Sennheiser HD280PRO Mixing Headphones
  6. Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 100 – Presonus HD9 Professional Monitoring Headphones 
  7. Best Headphones Under 75 – Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones 
  8. Best Monitoring Headphones Under 100 – Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO Monitoring Headphones
  9. Best Mixing Headphones Under 100 – Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones

Our 3 Top Picks: Best Headphones Under $100

Finding the best studio headphones under 100 dollars to add to your recording and mixing setup can be a little difficult. With the vast range of options to choose from and a number of excellent studio headphones in the $100 price range, finding the right pair could be a challenge. Take a look at our top 3 picks to narrow down some options for you.

Image Product Features Price
Audio Technica ATH M40x Professional Studio Monitor Headphone table Audio-Technica
ATH-M40x Studio Headphone
– Durable & comfortable design
– Sound isolation
– Excellent balanced, neutral sound
– 90° swiveling ear cups
Check Price
AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over Ear Semi Open Professional Studio Headphones table AKG K240
STUDIO Over-Ear Headphones
– Detachable cable
– Airy design and comfortable earpads
– Robust construction & durability
– Lightweight
Check Price
Samson Technologies SR850 Semi Open Back Studio Reference Headphones table Samson
Technologies SR850 Headphones
– Studio comfort
– Lightweight velour earpads
– Top sound quality
Check Price

Best Studio Headphones Under $100 Review

Now that we’ve got a good idea of the top studio headphones for under 100 dollars, let’s dive into the creme de la creme of studio headphones – for those on a budget.

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Studio Monitor Headphone Review 


Overall Best Headphone Under 100

The brand, Audio Technica, has contributed to some great products that are found across top studios. And the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headphones are widely regarded as one of the best deals when it comes to pro-quality monitoring gear at an affordable price. 

The over-the-ear closed-back headphones offer durability, performance, and long-lasting comfort. It’s designed with padding around the headband and earpads to provide maximum support. The ear cups are adjustable for easy fit and single-ear monitoring. 

The headphone offers impressive sound transparency, which is particularly handy when it comes to professional audio monitoring. The 90° swiveling ear cups are ideal for one-ear monitoring – excellent for studio or on-the-road use.

However, these headphones may be one of our top picks, but they are not great for outdoor use. They also may get a little warm, so a break in between sessions may be best.

  • Durable & comfortable design
  • Sound isolation
  • Excellent balanced, neutral sound
  • 90° swiveling ear cups
  • May feel a bit bulky
  • Can get slightly hot
  • Pricer than other headphones under 100

Why this one? These headphones are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a lightweight design and detachable cables with an excellent frequency response for monitoring and tracking.

2. AKG K240 STUDIO Over-Ear Headphones Review


Best Over-Ear Headphones Under 100

AKG K240 STUDIO Over-Ear Headphones offer users a great pair of quality headphones at a low price.  The open-back design provides users with crisp and clear audio, ideal for beginners looking for affordable ‘pro-level studio headphones for under 100 dollars. 

The 30mm XXL transducers with patented Varimotion diaphragms are ideal for mixing and audio fidelity. They come with a 3-meter cable and convertible jack plug for connecting to equipment easily.  

Besides their top audio performance, these headphones are lightweight ideal for carrying and adding to your gear. The downside could be that the strap doesn’t have much padding, which can be uncomfortable after extended use.

  • Detachable cable
  • Airy design and comfortable earpads
  • Robust construction & durability
  • Lightweight
  • Thin padding on the headband
  • Significant sound leakage
  • No noise isolation

Why this one? If you’re looking for the best open-back headphones under 100, these are excellent. Particularly an ideal set for beginners looking for basic mixing, monitoring, and composing. It’s great for checking your mixes and tracking too.

3. Samson Technologies SR850 Headphones Review


Cheap Studio Headphones Under 100  

The Samson Technologies SR850 Headphones are praised for their exceptional sound, clear and detailed audio, and affordable price. These headphones provide users with deep rich bass, crisp highs, and wide frequency response. 

The 50mm drivers offer a low-end resolution. And the semi-open-back, noise-canceling design reduces ear fatigue, making these headphones ideal for kicking back listening to your favorite tunes for more extended periods. They also offer soft velour ear cushions to fit snugly over most ears. The self-adjusting headband can give you comfort during those long listening sessions and music playbacks.

Overall, the Samson SR850 is an excellent entry-level studio headphone. However, we may not be altogether pleased with the treble. In comparison to their price, though, these headphones are inexpensive and offer a lot.

  • Studio comfort
  • Lightweight velour earpads
  • Top sound quality
  • Trebble is found to be harsh
  • No removable cables

Why this one? The Samson Technologies SR850 Headphones are a great choice for those looking for a clean bass response at a cheap price point for their mix.

4. LyxPro HAS-15 Studio Headphones Review


Best Headphones for Music Under 100

The LyxPro HAS-15 Studio Headphones are designed to meet the frequency requirements for today’s busy DJs and home studios. The design incorporates innovation and care to ensure that creative inspirations can be easily met through these headphones.  

Enjoy powerful, crisp sound from the 45mm Neodymium drivers to handle the extended lows that are played in some music styles.  The circumaural, closed-back design provides excellent sound isolation and delivers natural, distortion-free quality. 

Enjoy long hours in the studio in comfort with the headphones, lightweight frame, and leather earpads to provide maximum support for long mixing sessions

  • X2 Detachable coiled & straight cables
  • Adjustable lightweight headband & premium leather ear pads
  • Closed-back, circumaural design
  • Rotatable ear cups
  • It can get a little warm around the ears after long periods
  • Can feel uncomfortable over longer periods

Why this one? LyxPro HAS-15 Studio Headphones are a great pair for those looking to produce music or mix songs with heavy bass emphasis, while on a budget.

5. Sennheiser HD280PRO Mixing Headphones Review


Best Audiophile Headphones Under 100  

If you’re looking for professional headphones at a reasonable price, the brand Sennheiser offers top-performing headphones and microphones used by some of the best-known artists. And thankfully, the brand offers some quality products for users with a not-so-large budget. The Sennheiser HD280PRO Mixing Headphones provide users with studio closed-back headphones with a comfortable, lightweight circumaural design. In addition, the well-padded ear cups and headband will allow for plenty of studio time and long-lasting sessions. The drivers cover a frequency of 8Hz to 25kHz with a natural-sounding audio reproduction.

  • Ambient noise attenuation
  • Linear sound reproduction
  • Soft, comfortable fit
  • Earpads can become sweaty after a while
  • No detachable cable
  • Pricey

Why this one? These are great quality headphones that are useful for anyone working in low to mid-level studios. They are best used for tracking and mixing

6. Presonus HD9 Professional Monitoring Headphones Review


Best Closed-Back Headphones Under 100

The Presonus HD9 Professional Monitoring provides users with a closed-back, over-ear design with circumaural padded ear cups. Its configured to enable you to listen to your favorite audio tracks with top-quality sound isolation and reduced headphone bleed. 

The 180° cup rotation feature is ideal for studio and home DJs who prefer listening with one hear. Moreover, the headband is well padded to reduce extended listening fatigue. 

Suppose you’re into monitoring and precise mixing. In that case, the frequency response on these headphones ranges from 10 Hz to 26 kHz, with 45 mm dynamic neodymium drivers to produce clean, accurate sound and bass response.

  • Balanced sound
  • Replaceable & comfortable ear pads
  • Acoustic isolation
  • No detachable cable included
  • Closed design may run slightly hot over extended periods

Why this one? These headphones make for one of the best budget studio headphones for long-haul mix sessions and professional monitoring.

7. Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones Review


Best Headphones Under 75

The Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones are an affordable option but also surprisingly an excellent pair of closed-back headphones. They feature a foldable design to pack up and travel with easily. They’re padded with a stitched headband and a custom engineered driver and chamber. 

These headphones give off a neutral frequency response, which makes them ideal for monitoring during recordings. The folding and rotating ear cups are another accessory that’s praised on these headphones for their portability. 

Although these headphones are relatively well built, they do have their downfalls, such as their materials could be a bit better, and the earpads have been noted to be a bit uncomfortable. 

  • Value for money
  • Foldable design
  • Padded headband & ear pads
  • Snap-on adapter
  • Comfortable design
  • Unbalanced sound
  • Cheap quality

Why this one? These headphones for 100 dollars are great for those just starting their production journey. The sound is good enough for most users and the slight unbalance of output won’t really affect your results too much

8. Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO Monitoring Headphones Review


Best Monitoring Headphones Under 100

The Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO is a closed-back headphone with a compact on-ear portable design perfect for studio and on-the-go users. They provide true professional sound tunings for pure production sounds. 

 Users are provided with superior isolation from background noise, and minimal sound leakage makes these headphones ideal as tools for monitoring applications in crowded places. 

The headphones give off a clean bass with a defined treble, with powerful drivers to ensure a high output volume on laptops, cameras, and studio interfaces, and more. The ergonomic headband and earpads are cushioned to provide comfort during long sessions.

  • Lightweight & durable design
  • Spring steel headband
  • Removable cable
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Can get a little uncomfortable 
  • Sound resonates through cable

Why this one?  With powerful transducers, these quality headphones under 100 dollars are able to suit any studio and mobile application.

9. Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones Review


Best Mixing Headphones Under 100 

The Shure SRH440 headphones provide comfortable adjustable ear cups and headbands, ideal for those long sessions in the studio. They offer a clear, crisp sound across an extensive audio range, making them popular for monitoring and listening. 

The power handling and sensitivity are calibrated for use with other professional audio devices such as JD mixers, headphone amplifiers, and mixing consoles. Due to the closed-back, circumaural design, the headphones are excellent for audio isolation to block out any surrounding sonance. 

The frequency response on these headphones delivers crisp, accurate audio across a range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz. With the capacity of professional-grade sound production, these headphones produce precise mids and highs. 

A minor downside to these headphones is that the ear cups fold up under the headphones. This can get rather annoying when every time you put them down, they fold up. 

  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Earcups are large and roomy
  • Detachable cables
  • Adjustable headband
  • Folding cups can get a little annoying
  • Sound may bleed with high volumes

Why this one? If you’re on the hunt for the best over-ear headphones under $100, these Shure SRH440 headphones may provide users with exceptional sound production and comfort.

Buyers Guide | Best Headphones for Under 100$ 

Regardless of whether you want in-ear, over-ear, or closed-back headphones, the main thing is that you are provided with top sound and material quality. Take a look at this buyer’s guide to the best studio headphones for under 100 dollars. 

Closed Vs. Open Vs. Semi-Open Studio Headphones

When you’re on the hunt for a good pair of studio headphones, you first need to consider the purpose or what you’re looking for. Closed and open headphones each serve a different purpose in a recording studio. One of the main differences between these two is the different earcup designs.

  • Closed-back headphones, as the name suggests, are completely sealed a the back of their earcups. Thanks to their design, they neither leak any background noise nor sound. They are primarily used in the studio for this very reason and are a favorite amongst vocalists and musicians. Contrarily, closed-back headphones often emphasize the low-end or are a bit bassy, often limiting their use to mostly track and record. 
  • Semi-open-back headphones are recommended to users who are looking to enjoy the best of both open and closed-back designs. These headphones aren’t completely sealed at the rear of the speaker. They leak sound and are mostly used for listening at home. 
  • Open-back headphones have vented earcups, resulting in a lack of isolation. Although this could sound like a bad thing, the results provide a more natural sound without weight on particular frequencies. They also have better imaging and detail retrieval. This type of headphone is used in the studio for most mixing and mastering. However, the downside to open-back headphones is the sound leakage. 

Comfort & Design

girl wearing headphones

Recording takes a lot of mixing and mastering, and in a recording studio, long hours are inevitable. So when you’re on the hunt for a pair of studio headphones, you’ll certainly want to keep an eye out on comfort. Factors such as earpads, headbands, and weight are super important here and need to be taken into consideration. 

Earpads with soft materials and are ventilated are best for extended usage. The headband should be tight enough to keep your earcups in the right position over your ears. The weight of your headphones will also provide you with comfort, the lighter the better. 

Over-Ear & On-Ear

Over-ear studio headphones are the most common type of studio headphone and provide users with earcups that completely cover the ear. These headphones are mostly used for their sound quality for open-back headphones and the isolation in closed-back ones. 

On-ear headphones sit on the outside of the hear and are often smaller in size compared to over-ear headphones. These are often preferred thanks to their portability. They are light and compact are great for live sound monitoring and recording. 

Frequency Response

Studio headphones are often used for analytical listening, for example, monitoring a track. It’s essential to have a flat frequency response to set and associate sound levels for achieving accurate sound.  

Some headphones have an extended frequency range to give users a more profound response and broader heights. If you record instruments or produce music, then it’s best to go for a pair of headphones with a notable low-frequency response. 

Summary of the Best Headphones Under 100

When you’re an audio engineer, musician, or producer, having a nice pair of studio headphones is essential. That being said, at this price point, you’ll be able to find some decent headphones for general studio use, mixing, and casual listening. 

So, there you have it, the cream of the crop of headphones under $100 for studio use. If you feel I may have missed some outstanding ones, or you actually have a pair of one of these mentioned, please share; I’d love to hear about it. 

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