9 Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming | For a Thrilling Experience

What could be better than having a good time while grooving out a vigorous battle with the appropriate gear? The ideal gaming experience cannot be complete without a quality pair of headphones.

Because of their design, open-back headphones provide an immersive listening experience. With a lower isolation level, these bad boys can produce a wide and spacious soundstage. Making you feel in the moment somewhere far and in between, rather than just something between your ears.

Find yourself a pair that will take you out of your room and enter the virtual world of your character. From booming bass headphones to top 2-in-1 headsets, let’s dive into our top selection of the best open-back headphones for gaming

Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming Reviewed

Not sure where to start? Well, take a squizz through the list of best open-back gaming headphones before we dive into each review.

  1. Best for Gamers: Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X
  2. Best Open-Back Bluetooth Headphones: Bose QuietComfort 35 Gaming Headset
  3. Best Open Back Headphones Under 100: Philips SHP9500S headphones
  4. Best Open Back Headphones Under 200: SENNHEISER HD 599 SE Around-Ear Headphone
  5. Best Open Ear Headphones for Gaming: Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset
  6. Best Wired Headphones for Gaming: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Headphones
  7. Best Budget Open Back Headphones: Razer Kraken Gaming Headset
  8. Best Open-Back Wireless Gaming Headset: Corsair Void RGB Wireless Headset
  9. Best Customizable Open Back Headset for Gamers: Astro Gaming A40 TR

Our Top 3 Picks | Best Open-Back Gaming Headset

In a hurry? Better yet, you have a good idea of what you’re looking for. Take a look at the top three open-back headphones for gaming.

Image Product Features Price
Audio Technica ATH AD700X Audiophile Open Air Headphones table Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Headphones – Excellent mids, highs & treble
– Chic design
– Comfortable to wear
– Self-adjusting 3D wing
Check Price
Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset table Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset – Noise-rejection mic
– PC desktop controller
– Voice assistance
– Bose acoustic noise canceling
– Up to 40 hours of wired gaming & 20 hours on the go
Check Price
Philips Audio Philips SHP9500 HiFi Precision Stereo Over Ear Headphones table Philips SHP9500 Over-Ear Headphones – Neutral Sound
– Moisture-wicking fabric
– Excellent hi-fi sound from 50mm neodymium drivers
– Durable build
– Comfortable ear cushions for bass response
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Best Open Back Gaming Headsets Review

So, now that we’ve got an idea of what to expect from the crème de la crème of open-back gaming headphones, let’s look at each one and why we love them.

1. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Headphones


Best Quality Open Headsets for Gaming

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X is one of the best choices on this list for top open-back headphones for gaming. With a lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing, these headphones put no pressure on the ears, are breathable, and offer users an excellent soundstage. 

With directional input, the open-back headphones provide a clear direction in where the sound is coming from. It’s a leader when it comes to games such as Half-Life, CSGO, and other first-person shooting games that require certain sounds to pick things up – providing a more enjoyable gaming experience. 

Although the AD700X may lack in terms of bass, it certainly makes up for it with trebles and mids. Furthermore, the 53mm drivers on the headsets help achieve these incredible treble reproduction sounds. 

  • Excellent mids, highs & treble
  • Chic design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Self-adjusting 3D wing
  • Low bass reproduction
  • Non-detachable cable

Why this one – Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X provides excellent acoustic experiences. For any gamers that are looking for directional sound, these headphones are perfect.

2. Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Gaming Headset

Best Open Back Bluetooth Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 Gaming Headset provides you with a 2-in-1 style gaming and lifestyle headset. It’s designed for hours of competitive gaming and listening to music, ideal for wearing wherever and whenever you feel suit. 

This headset boasts a lightweight design and slim profile with comfortable leatherette-covered ear cushions. The headphones come with a detachable boom microphone that plugs into the 2.5mm jack – necessary for console compatibility. 

The mic also features an in-line mute switch and is equipped with Discord and TeamSpeak, designed to reject noise and allows you to hear your teammates loud and clear. 

Moreover, the headphones are compatible with all major gaming platforms, including consoles, mobile devices, and PCs. With these headphones, you’ll be playing nonstop, with a battery life of up to 20 hours of wireless gaming and 40 hours of wired gaming. 

The only issue with these headphones is that they may lack surround-sound virtualization. They’re great for games where the soundtrack can take center stage, such as in Final Fantasy XIV or Microsoft Flight Simulator. Call of Duty: Warzone, however, may lack a punch in audio. 

  • Noise-rejection mic
  • PC desktop controller
  • Voice assistance
  • Bose acoustic noise canceling
  • Up to 40 hours of wired gaming & 20 hours on the go
  • Not wireless when gaming
  • Pricey

Why this one –  The Bose QuietComfort 35 is the ideal pair for those looking for an all-in-one everyday headset as well as for gaming. Great for gamers who want a device with optimal noise-canceling.

3. Philips SHP9500 Over-Ear Headphones


Best Open Back Headphones Under 100

The Philips SHP9500S headphones are considered one of the top headphones for gaming. From the impressive sound quality to its 50mm drivers delivering a balanced sound and superior clarity. 

The spacious ear pads provide moisture-wicking fabric, allowing users longer listening sessions in comfort. As one of the best headphones under 100, this gaming headset sports a sturdy design that’s dominated by plastic construction and double-layered cushions.   

While there are ups, there are also downs. Like many open-back headphones, these headphones lack deep bass quality, but that’s nothing too serious. As full open-back headphones, the SHP9500S does allow some sound leakage but not enough to ruin your gaming experience. 

  • Neutral Sound
  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Excellent hi-fi sound from 50mm neodymium drivers
  • Durable build
  • Comfortable ear cushions for bass response
  • Average bass quality
  • No noise-canceling

Why this one –  The Philips SHP9500S headset is ideal for anyone playing games at home. Acoustically designed with high-quality drivers, these headphones provide excellent audio space for your character while playing – ideal for gamers and audiophiles alike.

4. SENNHEISER HD 599 SE Around-Ear Headphone


Best Open Back Headphones Under 200

One of the brand’s brilliant new additions to the 500 series, the SENNHEISER HD 599 SE Headphone provides its gamers with a premium product from comfort to balance. These headphones are powered by a proprietary transducer technology and are considered one of the best headphones for under 200 dollars. 

These open-back-around ear headphones are designed to deliver impressive natural sounds with spatial performance.  Spend extended gaming sessions in comfort thanks to the large ear cups with velour ear cushions. 

A very small downside to these beauties is that they may lack distinctions between mid and high tones. However, the open acoustic design and aluminum voice coils deliver excellent dynamics and low distortion of sound. Giving you good open-back headphones for gaming and delivering on all aspects. 

  • Open Acoustic design
  • Comfortable & lightweight design 
  • Great audio reproduction
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Not the highest bass quality
  • Leaks a lot of sound 
  • Sensitive to ambient noise

Why this one – The SENNHEISER HD 599 SE is ideal for anyone looking for a premium lightweight, comfortable design for under $200 –  ideal for gaming sessions.

5. Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset


Best Open Ear Headphones for Gaming

The Sennheiser Game One is a comfortable gaming headset with excellent sound quality. The headphones are wired, providing almost no latency and a mic that filters out noise. And since they’re open-back, there is slightly more spacious sound compared to other headsets on this list. 

The plush velvet ear pads provide maximum comfort and are super breathable, allowing extended wear during those long gaming sessions. Another brilliant feature of these headphones is the noise cancellation feature. Moreover, the microphone design minimizes any background noise for clarity and clear communication. 

However, these headsets do lack a few active features compared to other headphones in their price range.

  • Multi-platform compatibility (including PC, PS4, Xbox One, MAC & Nintendo)
  • Lightweight design
  • Volume control on the earcup
  • Sonically accurate, natural high fidelity sound
  • The clamp can be a little tight
  • Slightly overpriced compared to its features

Why this one The Sennheiser Game One headset provides users with a well-balanced and clear sound, suitable for watching movies and gaming.

6. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Stereo Headphones


Best Wired Headphones for Gaming

The open-back studio Beyerdynamic DT 990 Headphones make the ideal addition to an array of sound enthusiasts. The circumaural design provides a spacious and detailed tonal depth. Users are provided with pleasant sounds, from mild bass to the shrills of the treble. 

Adjust your flexible headband with a shutter mechanism to get the right comfortable fit to your head. The silky-smooth breathable ear pads with skin-friendly velour, enable the listener to enjoy gaming or music sessions for longer periods.  

In addition, the headset provides its users with a high versatility combination, whether it be a daily workout or some gaming time. It’s able to connect to almost any device shared in a household.

  • Bass reflex system
  • Open design, lightweight & comfortable
  • Includes carry case
  • Balanced soundstage
  • High Impedance
  • Non-replaceable ear pads
  • Pricier than others on the list

Why this one – For any gamers looking for a great pair of headphones providing tonal depth that can notice even the slightest of sounds. It’s perfect for audiophiles and gamers for real-life reiteration of sounds.

7. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset


Best Budget Open Back Headphones

The Razer Kraken Gaming Headset is specifically designed for competitive gamers to enjoy positional audio and clear, crisp sounds. Enjoy all-day comfort with gel-infused cushions to prevent overheating. 

Fully immerse yourself with your favorite games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Doom, and Overwatch in utmost comfort. These headphones weren’t made for casual listening or to do more than the average voice call. However, for any user looking for a quality pair of 3.5mm gaming headphones on the cheap, these may just be for you. 

The headset is outfitted with 50mm drivers and software to enable surround sound. Moreover, the noise-isolating microphone reduces background noise and enhances crystal-clear communication. 

The mic, however, under-emphasizes bass quality. Though, this isn’t the biggest deal-breaker.  And overall, these are a great pair of gaming headphones for those on a budget.

  • Excellent gaming sound quality
  • Comfortable & lightweight
  • In-line controls
  • Multi-platform compatibility (including PC, PS4 & 5, Xbox One + Series X & S, & Mobile)
  • Few features
  • Average sound compared to others on the list

Why this one – The Razer Kraken Pro V2 headset is one of the best budget open-back headphones for gamers. Ideal for anyone looking for a reliable, cheap, and simple solution to their gaming needs.

8. Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Headset


Best Open Back Wireless Gaming Headset

The Corsair Void RGB Wireless Headset for gaming is yet another excellent pair of open-back headphones under 100. These are suited for gamers looking for a comfortable and wireless pair of headphones that works well on a PC and console. 

This cool design screams for attention with RGB LED lights that cycle a display of color spectrums and an attached boom mic. Apart from its slick, cool design and lighting, the wireless headset offers on-ear controls, with a mute mic button and a volume dial.

As one of the best wireless open-back headphones, they feature soft fabric cushions on the earcups and an adjustable band to fit even the widest of heads comfortably. 

The downside to these headphones is that they may not fit the average or smaller head sizes and they do feel a little on the larger side of things. Another downside is the ability to maintain a consistent seal, which isn’t great when it comes to isolating noise. 

  • Dynamic RGB Lighting & cool design
  • Wireless audio 
  • Cloth headphone pads
  • 7.1 Surround sound on PC
  • 50mm High-density audio driver
  • RGB lighting drains the battery faster
  • Loose fit around your head
  • Sound leakage affects bass

Why this one – The Corsair Void RGB Wireless headset is a solid gaming headset. It provides excellent wireless surround sound at a very low price.

9. Astro Gaming A40 TR Headphones


Best Customizable Open Back Headset for Gamers

The Astro Gaming A40 TR is a finely tuned headset for gaming nerds and audio lovers. The headset is versatile with customizable kits to make it either open or closed back – nifty! Moreover, the microphone can be fitted on any side, and it comes with a swappable cable system. 

Whether you’re in a tournament or playing with your best buddies at home, the headphones can provide users with a competitive edge. Enjoy exceptional 3D directional sound pick-ups, helping you feel immersed in the game and aware of the game surroundings. 

However, where these headphones may lack is their overall performance in acoustics and that you would need to purchase the modification kit components and MixAmp separately.

  • Modern, stylish design
  • Speaker tags are customizable (closed and open back)
  • Omnidirectional reception
  • Durable build
  • Modification kit is sold separately
  • Vertical adjustment may be an issue for some users

Why this one The Astro A40 TR gaming headset is made for lovers of online gaming. The build quality is outstanding with a contemporary design. Moreover, gamers feel immersed in the game’s surroundings thanks to the 3D directional sound pick-up.

Buyers Guide To Open Back Headphones Best for Gamers


If you’re still unsure of where to start or what to look for when buying a gaming headset, take a look at these top features to look out for. 

Open-Back vs Closed-Back Headphones for Gaming

Closed-back and open-back headphones are the two most common kinds, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Although open-back headphones are the better ones, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right choice. 

Open-back gaming headphones are better for prolonged gaming sessions. While there’s nothing wrong with using closed-back headphones, open-back offers a superior soundstage impression and provides a better experience for sound effects. The downside, however, is because of sound leakage; they’re only suitable for quiet areas. 

Having said that, closed-back headphones are ideal for noisy places as they cancel out any background noise. However, they don’t provide neutral sounds like their counterparts (open-back headphones). 


Although open-back headphones produce natural sound, there can still be some differences depending on the model you’ve chosen. 

High-quality materials often offer a more precise and realistic sound. Other factors that can impact the sound quality of headphones include the drivers’ and headphones’ size.  


The quality drivers’ can significantly affect your gaming experience. The best open-back headphones come with magnetic drivers that can pump consistent output with minimal distortion. These headphones that are able to produce transient responses are essential for deep bass notes and can make a clear, natural sound. 

The size of the drivers has an influence on the gaming headset’s performance because it directly impacts the frequency. If you’re looking for reliable performance, look for something with no less than 40mm drivers’. 


When it comes to headphones for gaming, comfort can’t be stressed enough. Finding a comfortable pair of headphones will see you through prolonged and enjoyable gaming sessions. 

There are a few features you should aim for when you’re looking for comfort, such as the headband should be padded. The materials used may differ and offer different comfort levels. However, this would be a matter of personal preference. 

The size of the headphones is a factor to consider here too. If they’re too big for you, you’ll be struggling to focus with your headphone shuffling and moving around on your head. 

Wired vs Wireless Headsets

When you’re looking at wired or wireless headsets, this will entirely depend on your personal preference. Keep in mind, either of them has its own positives and negatives. 

Wired headsets give a hassle of untangling the wire the entire time and obstruct you from moving around freely. While wireless headsets connect through Bluetooth and provide you with the freedom to move around. However, this may also cause some connection issues. 

Compatibility Range

Before purchasing a headset, you should know what platform you’re going to be using. 

Choosing a headphone that’s specifically designed to suit one device or brand can become a little tricky, and wireless USB headsets could be even trickier. For example, newer Xbox One consoles come with 3.5mm jacks for standard headsets. So, if you have an older Xbox, you’ll need to buy an adapter to connect your headset. 

USB wireless models are compatible with PS4 and PCs – and in some cases, Xbox One console. While Bluetooth headphones can connect with mobile devices, newer PlayStations, and PCs. 

A Footnote on the Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

Open-back headphones provide a lifelike sound quality that every gamer enjoys. From zero echos while gaming, the natural sound offers a better gaming experience with open-back headphones over closed-back counterparts. 

So, now that we’ve got a good idea of the very crème de la crème of open-back headphones for gaming are, what are your top headphones to use, and what makes them your most desirable? Please share; we’d love to know. 

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